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Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing accounts for more than 7% of all eCommerce user acquisitions. This makes it the 2nd most effective acquisition channel (behind natural search at 15.8%).

Plus, the average return on email marketing investment is 4800%!

In other words:

Without Email Marketing For Your Business...'re leaving 10% to 25% of your total revenue on the table every single month.

What are you waiting for?

If you don't implement an email marketing program ASAP, there's a good chance that you'll be left in the dust by your more sophisticated, forward-thinking competitors.


Want more sales, higher average order value and increased customer lifetime value?

Progressiv helps online retailers and eCommerce stores increase sales by 10% to 25% with email marketing.

We create a complex ecosystem of "email campaigns" that trigger and interact with each other based on how your customers behave on your website.

Want to find out how much we can increase YOUR sales with eCommerce email marketing? Request a free consultation today and we'll tell you everything you want to know.

We give you everything

It's not the software that causes most businesses to fail at email marketing, they fail because their strategy and execution is terrible.

The email platform can make a difference, but you don't care which one it is... You care about results!

With Progressiv, you get everything! When you work with us you get a complete email marketing solution - the strategy, execution, and software!

  • What's in your Complete Email Marketing Solution... 

    ✔️  the Overall Email Marketing Strategy
    ✔️  Copywriting
    ✔️  Coding
    ✔️  Design
    ✔️  Platform Integration
    ✔️  Logic and Targeting
    ✔️  Conversion Optimisation and A/B testing

  • What you now don't have to do...

    ✔️  You don't create the strategy
    ✔️  You don't write the copy
    ✔️  You don't integrate the software
    ✔️  You don't design any emails
    ✔️  You don't setup the logic and targeting within the software
    ✔️  You don't do conversion optimization and A/B testing

12 Examples Of Automated & Predictable Email Marketing Campaigns We Create For Our Clients

Welcome To The Family

When someone joins your email database for the first time, send them a welcome series to build trust and rapport.

Nurture Your Prospects

Before your prospects buy, they need to be seduced. Seduce them with a nurture series to get them spending money.

Cart Abandonment

70% of people abandon their shopping carts. Recapture lost revenue with a cart abandonment email recovery series.

First Time Customer

Make them feel amazing for choosing you (they'll buy more later). When they buy for the first time, give them the "first time customer" experience.

Repeat Customer

When they buy a second or third time (or fourth time), be more aggressive in your email follow up to generate more revenue and increase lifetime customer value.

We've Missed You

Sometimes, people stop responding to your emails. Trigger an automatic series designed to reactivate your lost leads and get them buying like they used to.

Due For Re-Order?

Remind customers to re-order when they're about to run out of your product to maximize lifetime customer value.

Just Bought Something

Tweak your transactional emails to maximize lifetime customer value.They get more opens and clicks than any other emails.

Up-sells and Cross-sells

Send an upsell series right after someone buys and generate more revenue. Best time to make a sale? Immediately after a sale.

Educate Your Prospect

Quality content makes you stay top-of-mind and positions you as the leader of your industry. Great for keeping leads hot.

Page Abandonment

Follow up based on what pages people visit on your store, and send targeted sales material based on what they were looking at.

Product Updates

Generate interest from previous customers and inactive leads by getting them to come back and explore your store.

Remember, everything above is automated - so once you have set everything up, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
In addition to automated series, we also send weekly newsletters and promotions.
We find that with this approach - manual newsletters AND automated workflow series - we're able to generate the highest return-on-investment for our clients.
Want to see how Progressiv would work for your company? Request a free consultation today!
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  • Progressiv have really helped us with our digital marketing efforts. Our search rankings are increasing and we now rank on the first page (often the top) for our target keywords.

  • We’re so happy with what Progressiv have done for us, they have helped us prepare for our product launch – developed a marketing strategy, built our website etc. They’re also handling the SEO & Social Media front when we get going. We’re very excited for the future!

    Field and Miller
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